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Let us take care of them with our Boat Dock Pest Control Program!

Beaver Lake in Northwest Arkansas is home. There's no feeling quite as good as when Boating Season arrives in Northwest Arkansas. Fishing, swimming, kayaking, and cliff jumping are just a few of my favorite memories of Beaver Lake. If you're like me, you know the feeling of running down to the Dock full of excitement and then catching a face full of spider webs before even setting foot on the Dock. What can you do? 

Fill this out to find out more and to get on Defender's Boat Dock Pest Control Program! We service all of Beaver Lake. 

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Boat Dock Pest Control on Beaver Lake, AR.  

Our Boat Dock Pest Control program aims to get rid of spiders, wasps, mud daubers, and all of their surrounding nests, webs, and shelter. When our neighbors asked for us to check out their Boat Dock in Prairie Creek we were shocked to see how many Long-jawed Orb Weaver Spiders were on their Boat Dock. We found through trial and error a method that keeps Spiders and other pests away by removing their egg sacks, removing their webs, and pressure spraying our All Natural Solution to eliminate any remaining pests on the dock. We use an all natural product of essential oils in order to get rid of spiders while protecting the aquatic life in Beaver Lake. While using the Natural Product helps protect the fish, it only has a residual of about 3-4 weeks. Our Boat Dock Pest Control program serves you by coming out to your dock every 21-25 days by boat and treating your entire dock.


Boat Dock Spiders never sleep and just 1 egg sack can hold up to a 1000 spiders. Our Boat Dock Pest Control program will keep your dock looking clean and web free like this one. Beaver Lake is our home and every Boat Dock owner is like family to us. We want to treat you right and will make every effort possible to help you enjoy your lake time this boating season!

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