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Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What areas do you service? 

Defender Pest Control services all of Northwest Arkansas and Southwest Missouri. The company is based out of Centerton, AR but helps everyone from Rogers, Bentonville, Bella Vista, all the way down to Fayetteville. We're one of the few companies licensed in Missouri as well. We have customers in Jane, Noel, Pineville, and other parts of Southwest Missouri. 

2. How long does a pest control service take? 

A normal general pest service takes anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes on average. We can do the inside of your home in about 10 minutes if you were in a rush. Then we could finish up the outside after you left. 

3. Where do you treat inside and outside of my home? 

We treat all the entryways and plumbing access under the sinks and around the toilets to seal off where pests will be coming in. We treat behind furniture, window sills, baseboards, and the garage. We take down all the cobwebs in the garage. On the outside we use a power sprayer to provide a 10-15 foot barrier around the base of the home. We take down the cobwebs off the eaves as well as any outdoor furniture or decks. We treat the fenceline as well as granulate in the yard to provide a thorough barrier to keep pests away from the home. 

4. Are the products safe for my children or pets? 

All of our pest control products are safe for your children or pets. Everything we use is regulated by the EPA. We have used these products in our own homes with our children as well as 2 cats and 2 dogs. 

5. How long does it take to dry and can I be there while the exterminator works? 

You can be there while the exterminator treats. It generally takes 10-15 minutes to do the inside of your home and roughly the same time for it to dry. 

Frequently Asked Questions

6. Do the products leave any residue or stain my floors?

All of the products we use are water based so they do not leave any residue or stain the floors. 

7. Do I have to sign a contract? 

At Defender Pest Control we do not believe in signing contracts for our own lives so we do not believe in making customers sign contracts as well. 

8. How often do you come out and service? 

Most of our customers are on our general quarterly pest control program. The way that works is we do an initial flush out service and then do the first quarterly service 30 days after the initial. Then it is every 3 months after that. 

9. Why do you do the first quarterly service 30 days after the initial? 

The reason why we do the first 2 services back to back is to break up the egg cycle of the pests. The initial service treats for the adult bugs and the first quarterly service treats for the eggs that recently hatched.

10. What bugs do you cover?

Our general quarterly pest control program covers all spiders including brown recluse and black widow, ants, wasps, flies, beetles, millipedes, centipedes, snails, slugs, fleas, crickets, and other general pests. We also cover rats and mice. The only bugs not included in our general pest control program are bed bugs, roaches, termites, and mosquitos which are more intense treatments due to the resistant nature of those pests. 

11. Why should I choose Defender Pest Control? 

We are a no contract local family owned Pest Control company that is right in the heart of Northwest Arkansas. We are here to treat you right and to treat you fairly. One of the perks of using Defender Pest Control is that on the anniversary date of your first service with us we will give you a free full yard treatment. We also provide free re-services in between quarterly services if issues with bugs occur. We want to keep you pest free and happy. 

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